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Mentioned in today’s email: TikTok, the U.S. economy, freelancers, Upwork, X, YouTube, and Thailand. Plus one sales-killing mistake to avoid when pitching clients, and 18 productivity tips for freelancers.

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Making the Rounds

Working With Clients

These 20+ High-Demand Freelance Skills Pay You The Most

Not all skills are made equal.

Some command a king’s ransom while others only fetch pennies on the dollar.

And if you’re looking to start or grow a lucrative freelance career…

Then it pays (literally) to be smart about what skills you learn.

Fortunately, our friends at Millo have put together a list of the top 20 most in-demand freelance skills.

Click here to check it out:

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Working For Yourself

Should You Start an Agency? The Honest Answer…

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If you’re running a successful freelance business, time is money.

Problem is, you’ve only got so much time you can sell.

So, if you want to earn more money, there are only a few ways to do it:

  • Raise your rates

  • Look for rev share deals

  • Create digital products

  • Or start an agency

Starting an agency is tempting to many freelancers because on the surface, it seems simple.

All you have to do is hire someone to help you with fulfillment…

Then you can take on more clients.

No need to raise your rates or deviate from what’s worked for you so far.

But here’s the issue:

Hiring, managing, and training other service providers is a totally different skillset.

Just because you’re talented at copywriting, video editing, or graphic design…

Doesn’t mean you’ll make a good manager or operator.

So unless you’re passionate about going from solopreneur to real CEO, we’d recommend looking at other alternatives when looking to scale.

Tool of the Week

International Freelancer? Here’s How to Give Yourself a Pay Cut

Inflation has peaked.

But the U.S. dollar is as strong strong.

Which means international freelancers should be pocketing a little more than usual on every invoice…

Only problem is:

Most of them rely on PayPal (or god forbid, their local bank) to convert their currency.

Instead, they should be using Wise.

With Wise, you can:

  • Get better rates on currency conversions than PayPal or a local bank

  • Send money cheaper and easier than old-school banks

  • Get paid like a local in 10 different currencies

  • And convert & hold up to 53 different currencies.

In fact, Wise is 6X cheaper than other international accounts on average.

That’s why over 13 million people trust them to handle their international payment needs.

So if you’re an international freelancer…

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