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Together with Fireflies

Automatically record and transcribe client calls using AI

Fireflies is an AI assistant that records your meetings, creates a searchable text transcript, and generates a concise summary for anyone who wasn’t there.

No more taking notes or flipping through recordings to find when something was said.

We’ve also found it to be much more accurate than Otter dot ai (a similar competitor).

It’s been a huge-time saver for us.

Plus clients love it because you can share the link to the recording with them too.

Click below to check it out:

Making the Rounds

Working With Clients

7 Tips to Get Premium Clients on Upwork

Upwork gets a bad rap sometimes.

And while it has changed over the years…

It’s still one of our top recommendations for places to find quality, long-term clients.

So if you’d prefer to fish in a pond full of paying clients instead of having to cold DM to strangers all day…

Then check out this article from our friends at Millo for more:

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Working For Yourself

10-Minute Trick to Boost Your Creativity

Ever wish you could generate killer new ideas on-demand?

Us too.

Sadly, science still appears to be a ways off on that one.

But there is another science-backed creativity technique gaining popularity…

That’s been shown to boost divergent thinking in as little as 10 minutes.

It’s called “non-sleep deep rest.”

Non-sleep deep rest (or NSDR for short) is basically a state of deep relaxation without falling asleep.

Meanwhile, divergent thinking is all about combining existing elements in new ways…

A process that’s facilitated by the increase in “dopaminergic tone” triggered by NSDR.

Now, the way to experiment with this technique is simple:

Lie down on the couch or bed, turn off the lights, and close your eyes.

Set a timer for 10 minutes.

Don’t worry about controlling your thoughts or focusing on breathing.

Feel free to let your mind wander.

(just don’t let yourself fall asleep!)

Then once your time is up, direct your mind to go into creative exploration and see what new ideas come to you.

If you’re curious to know more and would like to experiment with a guided NSDR meditation…

Try this one narrated by Dr. Andrew Huberman:

Tool of the Week

Build your personal knowledge management system with Obsidian

Personal knowledge management (PKM) has been a big priority for us in 2023.

What does this mean?

It means developing a system for:

1. Using notes to capture inputs (books, podcasts, YouTube videos, etc)

2. Expanding on those notes with your own thoughts about them

3. Organizing and connecting these notes & thoughts with others in a way that’s intuitive and easily searchable

Kind of like building your very own Wikipedia for everything you’ve ever learned

This is where Obsidian comes in.

It helps you organize your thoughts, ideas, and notes into a single, unified PKM system.

It’s been a huge help for generating ideas, refining perspectives, and creating content.

With Obsidian, you can:

  • Create notes, documents, and other files and store them in a single, organized location

  • You can easily search for and access any file you need using tags and bi-directional links, making it easy to stay organized and productive

  • Plus it uses Markdown and stores files locally, so you can always access your notes even if your internet goes down

Ultimately, Obsidian is like a digital brain…

Because it helps you make connections between seemingly unrelated thoughts and ideas.

If you’re interested to learn more…

Download it for free here, then check out this 6-part YouTube series on how to use it.

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