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Happy Friday! Welcome back to The Freelance Gig. We’re like the Indiana Jones of freelancing, here to unearth hidden client-getting and business-building tips worth their weight in gold and then share them with you.

Discussed in today’s issue: Meta, Twitter, online shopping, LinkedIn, and ChatGPT. Plus an unusual place to find high-quality clients, and how to get more done with a reverse to-do list.

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Making the Rounds

  • Meta announces new generative AI model for audio. The “state of the art” AI model is called Voicebox, and it can do text-to-speech generation, edit out background noise, fix verbal missteps, and more.

  • Elon throws shade at newsjackers. Replying to popular or viral tweets is a great way to gain exposure on Twitter. But recent posts from their newly-installed CTO indicate they may start to crack down on those trying to game the system.

  • Online shoppers lean into coupons and cashback rewards. A new report from fintech platform Wildfire Systems found 74% of respondents are more interested in online coupons and cashback rewards due to inflation.

  • LinkedIn is (finally) adding notification filters. If you’re active on LinkedIn, chances are your notifications are one big dumpster fire. Historically, it’s been impossible to stay on top of comments, replies, mentions, etc. But not anymore. The platform is finally adding notification filters to help you sort through your posts vs mentions. TY Jesus.

  • 100,000+ ChatGPT account credentials leaked. Cybersecurity firm Group-IB discovered the stolen data on dark web marketplaces. 40% of the stolen credentials were from accounts in Asia-Pacific. You know what they say: one 2FA a day keeps the hackers away.

Working With Clients

Unusual Place to Find High-Quality Clients

The most common places to find freelance clients are:

  • Freelance platforms

  • Social media

  • Cold email

  • Referrals

But there's another less common place you may not know about.

So if you've turned over every rock all in the usual places...

Or if you're just looking for a new place to find high-quality prospects...

Consider joining a high-ticket biz opp program that includes a community.

Here's why:

The community aspect creates an opportunity to network with serious, business-minded people in an authentic way...

The higher price point (1k and above) means they have capital (or at least access to it)...

Plus anyone starting or running an online business may need help with copywriting, design, paid ads, sales, etc.

Now, to be clear:

We're not suggesting you jump into the first program you can find and start pitch-slapping everyone you meet in the DMs.

Find one that aligns with YOUR business goals.

Do your due diligence.

And once you're in, look for situations where you can add value to ongoing discussions, demonstrate your expertise, and legitimately help others.

If you get this right, you may find people reach out to you asking if you're available.

Otherwise, you can casually encourage your new connections to reach out if they ever need help with the service(s) you offer.

It's that simple.

Again, there's a right way and wrong way to go about this.

So act like a real human and don't abuse your access.

But paid programs and communities have the potential to be powerful acquisition channels for any savvy freelancer.

Working For Yourself

Get More Done With the Reverse To-Do List

One of productivity guru Tim Ferriss's favorite questions to ask is:

"What if I did the opposite?"

It's a great way to break out of old patterns and gain new perspectives.

So here's a 30-day experiment to try:

Swap out your traditional to-do list for a "reverse to-do list."

What's this mean?

Instead of listing out everything you need to do...

List out everything you should NOT do.


  • Check email

  • Check social media

  • Check ad accounts

  • Check payment gateways

  • Eat the entire bag of sour wine gums

  • Etc etc

If you're not careful, seemingly harmless activities like these can short-circuit your motivation and focus.

This is why a reverse to-do list can be so effective.

Just like skill development, sometimes the best approach is focusing on what not to do instead of what to do.

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Tool of the Week

The Ugly Truth About Building an Audience on Social Media

We’ve officially entered the Golden Age of newsletters.

And for good reason.

If you’re growing an audience on social media, it’s important to understand you’re building a business on rented land.

One change to the algorithm can devastate your reach.

This is why it’s crucial to convert your rented audience into an owned audience.

And a newsletter is a great, low-cost way to do that.

As marketers and newsletter publishers, we know a thing or two about email service providers (ESPs).

We’ve worked with all the big ones — including ActiveCampaign, Infusionsoft, Drip, ConvertKit, and more — but we’ve recently migrated to Beehiiv and have been thrilled with the results.

It’s basically a newsletter business-in-a-box.

With a single tool, you can replace:

  • WordPress (or any other content management system)

  • Website hosting (like Siteground or HostGator)

  • Email service provider (like Active Campaign or ConvertKit)

  • Recommendation widget (like SparkLoop)

Beehiiv can do all these things and more.

It’s got powerful analytics, an intuitive and easy-to-use editor, and great deliverability.

So if you’ve ever thought about starting a newsletter…

Check out Beehiiv below to learn more:

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