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Making the Rounds

Working With Clients

One Simple Question to Ask New Clients During Onboarding

Want to make sure you start every new client relationship off on the right foot?

Here’s a simple way to avoid any major landmines before the ball gets rolling…

Ask them this one question:

“Have you ever hired someone else to help you with [YOUR AREA OF EXPERTISE]? If so, what did you like or dislike about it?”

If a client has hired freelancers in the past…

Finding out what they did or didn’t like about the experience is basically a cheat code to managing (and exceeding) expectations from the get-go.

All you have to do is mirror anything they did like and AVOID anything they didn’t.

And if they haven’t, it’s a great reminder to overcommunicate when it comes to your process and timeline.

Either way, their question is guaranteed to reveal valuable intel.

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Working For Yourself

How to Go From Service Provider to Trusted Advisor

Ever heard of Jay Abraham?

He’s a legendary copywriter, consultant, and business owner who’s coached some of the biggest names across many industries, including Tony Robbins, Ramit Sethi, Daymond John, Eben Pagan, and many others.

He also coined a concept called the “Strategy of Preeminence”...

And if you’re a freelance service provider, implementing this simple yet powerful framework has the potential to transform your sales calls…

By eliminating neediness…

Reducing sales resistance…

And forcing prospects to sell themselves to YOU.

Here’s how it works:

Instead of focusing on your product or service and why it’s a great fit for the prospect…

Frame the conversation as a diagnostic tool to help them figure out what’s best for their specific situation… even if that means NOT working with you.

It may sound simple…

But this subtle shift can flip the script and remove sales pressure for the prospect.

And if you can demonstrate a deeper level of understanding of their fears, problems, and goals than anyone else…

Through authentic, empathetic conversation about their current situation…

Then chances are, they’ll be eager to work with you anyway.

Which means you won’t need to rely on fake urgency or fast action discounts to close the deal.

Plus the prospect will be more pre-framed to trust you and implement your solution.

Tool of the Week

Reduce tab clutter with OneTab

Too many open tabs makes your computer run slower.

But now there’s a better way to manage your tabs without sacrificing your productivity.

It’s called OneTab.

OneTab is a free Chrome extension that condenses all your open tabs to a single page with links to reopen them whenever you need to.

We’ve been using it for about a week now and have been pleasantly surprised.

It saves a ton of memory, which makes your computer run faster

So if you’ve routinely got 47+ open tabs at all times…

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