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Mentioned in today’s email: Super Bowl LVIII, X, Meta, Facebook, Threads, LinkedIn, Google, Gemini, and South Africa. Plus how to win repeat client business without being pushy, and the top 13 remote work podcasts in 2024.

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Making the Rounds

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Working With Clients

How to Win Repeat Client Business Without Being Pushy

The easiest deals to close are with existing clients.


Because they already know, like, and trust you.

And if you’re looking for a simple way to win repeat business without being pushy…

Send out a short summary after you finish every project.

This should include:

  • The goal

  • Quick breakdown of the work you did

  • Results (was the goal met? why or why not?)

  • Potential next steps

Not only does this demonstrate accountability…

But it also kickstarts the conversation about next steps and makes it easy for the client to say ‘yes.’

POLL: Do you pitch clients on new projects after the last one wraps up?

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Working For Yourself

Top 13 Remote Work Podcasts in 2024

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We’re big podcast listeners here at TFG HQ.

Never before has it been this easy to access experts or listen in on their conversations with interesting people.

And when it comes to remote work…

Listening to podcasts is one of the best ways to learn more about cultivating work/life balance, finding good co-working spaces, exploring the world as a digital nomad, and much more.

Luckily, our friends at Remotely Serious have put together a list of the top 13 remote work podcasts for 2024.

Click here to check it out:

Tool of the Week

How to Become an Idea Machine

When it comes to generating ideas, your mind is like a pipeline.

You have to make space if you want it to keep flowing.

How do you do that?

By writing all your ideas down as soon as they come to you.

Now pen and paper is one option, of course.

But we prefer Evernote.

Here’s why:

  • It syncs automatically across all devices so you can access your notes anytime, anywhere

  • You can easily copy-paste text, images, and audio

  • Tags and search make organizing and finding your notes easy as pie

  • Plus the Chrome extension lets you clip web pages, making it great for building your swipe file

If you’re looking to uplevel your ideation skills, we highly recommend you give it a try.

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