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Land Your First Client In 5 Steps

Freelance Writers:

  • Tired of getting paid per hour (or worse, per word?)

  • Still relying on inconsistent word-of-mouth referrals?

  • Ready to step off the freelancer hamster wheel?

Then you’re in luck! 

  • Craft an irresistible offer

  • Charge premium prices

  • Land your first $5,000 client

Making the Rounds

Working With Clients

The DNA of a Perfect Freelance Client

The temptation to take on anyone with a pulse and a credit card as a client is hard to resist sometimes.

Whether it’s because you’re brand new…

Or simply because you need the scratch…

Learning to trust your gut is tough.

So let’s break down what a perfect client looks like.

#1 - Past experience hiring freelancers

Working with freelancers is different than having an in-house team member.

Clients can’t lay claim to 100% of your bandwidth.

You want someone who respects boundaries.

#2 - Validated offer

No matter what service you sell…

The best clients always have validated offers.

“Validated” means they’ve successfully sold their products & services to other people.

This proves there’s a hunger for it in the marketplace.

It (usually) translates to a healthy business too.

#3 - Solid social proof

A common byproduct of validated offers is social proof.

Having lots of: 

- testimonials
- screenshots
- and case studies 

… to work with always makes your life easier.

#4 - Reasonable marketing budget

When it comes to paid traffic, everyone likes to say…

“Well if it’s converting, I’m happy to spend as much as possible!”

… No duh.

That’s obvious.

The more important question is: 

“How much are you willing to spend if it’s NOT converting?”

Not everything works right out of the gate.

So it’s important for clients to have a reasonable budget based on the offer, price point, campaign goals, etc.

Which ties in with our last point.

#5 - Understands asymmetrical bets

This applies more to cold traffic.

But a perfect client understands the asymmetrical tradeoff of testing new funnels, offers, or marketing channels.

In other words, one winner pays for a lot of losers.

It’s just like angel investing.

Most of your tests will fail, but that’s often what it takes to find a winner that will scale.

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Working For Yourself

3 Mindset Shifts to Build a 6-Figure Freelance Business

Building a business is a bit of a mindf*ck.

Success as an entrepreneur means breathing life into something that didn’t exist before you came along.

And no matter what your niche, product, or service is…

There are always key mindset shifts you need to make before you can unlock your full power.

Freelancing is no different.

So here are 3 mindset shifts you need to build a 6-figure freelance business:

1 - “I am an investment, not an expense”

One major obstacle to charging what you’re worth is thinking of yourself as an expense.

You’re not.

By hiring you, clients are making an investment to grow their business.

And investments generate returns.

So don’t get hung up on how much it’s going to cost them…

Emphasize (to yourself) the return on investment they’ll get from working with you.

2 - “There’s too much demand and not enough supply”

It’s easy to adopt a scarcity mindset online.

After all, with so many freelancers out there… how can you possibly compete?

But here’s the truth:

There are WAY more good clients and projects than there are competent freelancers to do the work.

It’s a massive supply/demand imbalance in OUR favor.

(if you don’t believe us, try hiring one and see for yourself 🙃)

So stop telling yourself it can’t be done.

Shift your mindset from scarcity to abundance.

There are literally millions of clients out there churning through one crappy freelancer after another.

Imagine how relieved they’ll be when they finally hire you.

3 - “I provide a world class service that clients are happy to pay top dollar for”

If there’s one thing that formal education is good for…

It’s keeping impostor syndrome at bay.

On the flip side, when you’re essentially self-taught, it can be easy to doubt yourself.

So here’s how to rewrite the script:

Clients aren’t just paying for outcomes and deliverables…

They’re also paying for an experience.

And making sure that experience is top-notch doesn’t have to cost you a dime.

Be responsive. Be excited. Go above and beyond.

Actually CARE about the project.

These little things won’t go unnoticed by clients…

And recognizing that service can set you apart from everyone else is essential to building a lucrative freelance business.

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