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Mentioned in today’s email: Scarlett Johansson, OpenAI, Gen Z, Fiverr, LinkedIn, and ChatGPT. Plus 3 reasons why big companies make better clients, and how to avoid shiny object syndrome.

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Working With Clients

3 Reasons Why Big Companies Make Better Clients

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect freelance client, here’s a quick tip to narrow your search:

Bigger companies can afford to spend more on freelancers.

You may have an easier time convincing a local business to hire you if you’re brand new…

But big companies always make better clients.


Three reasons:

1) Their products and services have already been validated by the market (people want them)

2) They usually have lots of existing assets for you to work with (copy, videos, past promotions, etc)

3) They’re used to spending money on marketing (and freelancers)

Pro tip: put together custom sample pieces for every big client you’re pitching free of charge.

This delivers value up front and will help you immediately stand out.

Making the Rounds

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Working For Yourself

How to Avoid Shiny Object Syndrome

Everyone you meet in life is selling you “their way” — whether they realize it or not.

But don’t forget there are lots of different ways to reach your destination.

Especially in online business.

As Rich Schefren says, it’s all about tradeoffs vs payoffs.

For example:

With ecommerce and affiliate marketing, the results can be quick…

But you’ll need startup capital to fund your paid traffic costs…

And you’ll need to navigate the steep learning curve of how to run paid ads at a profit…

Otherwise you could lose it all.

Plus the margins are typically on the low end, around 15-20%.

With service-based businesses like freelancing, coaching, consulting, or agencies…

You can start landing clients and getting paid with virtually ZERO startup costs…

The margins are much higher…

But that means investing time on cold outreach and freelancing platforms…

Always being on the hunt for the next client…

Plus now you’re on call + have to be available for meetings, answering emails and DMs, etc.

Don’t get us wrong — both businesses can be wildly profitable.

Ultimately though, you have to decide what your priorities are and what you’re willing to sacrifice to achieve them.

Because no business model is all upside.

And measuring yourself based on the games other people play is a recipe for unhappiness.

Figure out what game YOU want to play and commit to it all the way.

AI Prompts For Freelancers

Prompt of the Week: The Business Coach

This AI prompt is designed to create a detailed business plan so you can hit your income goals in the next 12 months.

Here is the prompt:

As a business coach, create a detailed vision and actionable plan for a freelance [TYPE OF SERVICE] to earn [DOLLAR AMOUNT] in the next twelve months, starting from zero clients. Set clear goals and realistic milestones, focusing primarily on strategies for acquiring local clients. Provide specific tactics for marketing, networking, prospecting, and closing deals with potential clients. Address factors such as pricing, service offerings, and time management.

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Tool of the Week

The Secret to Building Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the #1 social platform for freelancers.

Clients and service providers are actively looking to connect…

And the organic reach you can get on the platform right now is better than Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or Twitter / X.

Even with little to no followers.

And when it comes to creating high-converting content for LinkedIn, carousels are a go-to format.

These are swipeable collections of images, much like the ones you see on Instagram.

The only problem is…

Carousels on LinkedIn have to be uploaded in PDF format, not JPG or PNG.

One way to do this is to upload or create all the images in Canva, then download it as a PDF.

But we’ve discovered a better way:

It’s a content creation and scheduler originally built for Twitter…

But with it, you can easily cross-post content to LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.

Plus if you post a Twitter thread, it can screenshot your tweets and email you a PDF so you can upload it to LinkedIn as a carousel in just a few clicks.


If you’re looking to step up your LinkedIn game so you can grow your freelance biz in 2024…

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