📅 Q3 planning for freelancers

Happy Friday! This is The Freelance Gig. Welcome to the last day of Q2 and the halfway point of 2023.

Discussed in today’s newsletter: Workfree, YouTube, employees, pay satisfaction, and programmatic ads. Plus one sales-killing mistake and how to avoid it, and quarterly planning for freelancers.

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Making the Rounds

  • New freelance platform offers equity to users. Workfree dot io, a new freelancing platform, charges no commissions to clients or freelancers and is planning to award 1,000 lucky freelancers with equity in the company in September.

  • Battle lines drawn over in-office Mondays. Employers are having a hard time getting employees back into the office at the start of the week. Go figure.

  • YouTube announces split-testing for video thumbnails. Creators will soon be able to split-test one of the biggest levers on video performance: the thumbnail. The new feature is still in the early stages, but set to roll out wide sometime next year.

  • Freelancers top pay satisfaction survey. Recent findings from a survey of 2,500 American workers revealed having control over where, when, and how much you work is a bigger factor in pay satisfaction than total compensation.

  • Clickbait sites suck up wasted ad spend. A new study from the Association of National Advertisers says 15% of programmatic ad spend is wasted on crappy sites from “made for advertising” publishers. Woops.

Working With Clients

Don’t Make This One Sales-Killing Mistake When Pitching Clients

What’s the #1 sales-killing mistake freelancers make when pitching clients?

A) Charging too much
B) Not turning your camera on
C) Not sharing enough testimonials


None of the above.

The #1 sales-killing mistake freelancers make is being NEEDY.

Nothing kills attraction faster than neediness.

So, how do you avoid being needy on sales calls and when dealing with clients?

Maintain a healthy pipeline of prospects.

The more prospects you have, the less you need any one sale to close.

Because you know there’s another one right around the corner.

And that confidence is magnetic.

It makes more people want to work with you.

So if your lead flow is dwindling and struggling to close deals, ramp up your lead gen efforts.

Stop being needy and you’ll have a much easier time getting clients to say yes.

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Working For Yourself

Quarterly Planning For Freelancers

Q3 is right around the corner.

And whether your freelance business is a side hustle or your main gig…

It’s worth carving out some time to plan for the next 90 days ahead.

Here are 4 questions to get you started:

  • What learning lessons & corrections came from last quarter?

  • What wins did I have last quarter?

  • What are 3 big wins I can achieve this quarter?

  • Will my current actions get me there? If not, what changes do I need to make?

Make sure you extract any lessons or takeaways from the past 90 days first.

Then identify exactly where you want to go…

And how you’re gonna get there.

Tool of the Week

Bulletproof Ad Tracking to Skyrocket Your ROAS

If you or your client are running paid ads…

There’s one big hurdle you have to overcome if you want to scale.

Doesn’t matter whether you’re running on Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, or Google…

What is it?


In other words, you need to know which ads are working and which ones aren’t.

This sounds simple enough…

But there a ton of things that can throw a wrench in your ad tracking attribution:

  • Privacy browsers

  • Ad blockers

  • iOS 14

  • VPNs

Not to mention most people will opt-in for a freebie with a burner email, then purchase with a second email.

So what are you supposed to do?

Simple — just use Hyros.

Their print tracking model delivers up to 50% more attribution than native platform tracking, and can even reconcile multiple email addresses.

That’s why big-time advertisers like ClickFunnels, Mastermind, Billy Gene, and Tom Bilyeu use it to track the performance of their ads.

So if you’re serious about making your ads (or your client’s ads) pay…

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