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Mentioned in today’s email: Airchat, TikTok, Elon Musk, X, Threads, and Adobe . Plus what potential clients think when your samples are missing these two things, and why the laptop lifestyle doesn’t work for some people.

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Making the Rounds

Working With Clients

What Potential Clients Think When Your Samples Are Missing These Two Things

The best predictor of future performance is past performance.

So when showing samples of your work to prospects…

Aim to share pieces that are as relevant as possible to the project.

There are two ways to think about this:

1) Task specific

Always start with samples that prove your competence with the specific task they’re hiring for.

That means if they need emails, show them email samples.

If they want a short-form video editor, show them a Short, Reel, or TikTok video you’ve edited.

And if they’re looking for a landing page designer, then show them a landing page you’ve designed.

2) Topic specific

The second type of specificity is the topic.

For example, if they’re a health company, then show them samples from other clients in the health space.
This demonstrates you understand their audience.

Depending on what kind of services you provide, this may not be quite as important as task specificity.

But it still matters.

To maximize the impact of your samples, combine both types of specificity when curating samples for prospects.

Because ultimately, the goal is to paint a clear picture for the prospect of how the project is going to turn out.

If you want to get the gig, don’t make them use their imagination.

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Working For Yourself

Why the Laptop Lifestyle Doesn’t Work For Some People

If you’ve been dreaming of working from a beach in Bali…

Here’s a quick tip that could save you a lot of hassles and headaches:

Do a short test-drive (1-2 weeks) before you commit to a long working trip (1-3+ months).

It may look glamorous on Instagram…

But working from exotic locations while everyone else is in vacation mode can be pretty tough. 

And staying up late to take client calls when you’d rather be sipping pina coladas by the pool is no fun either.

So we recommend you give it a try for seven days before you take off for six months. 

AI Prompts For Freelancers

Prompt of the Week: The Objection Buster

This AI prompt is designed to help you identify & overcome client objections.

Here is the prompt:

I’m a freelance [title]. I specialize in [specific task or deliverable] for [type of client]. List out the top 10 objections clients might have to hiring me. Then write me a sales script to overcome each one on a sales call.

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Tool of the Week

Optimize your copy and content for readability with Hemingway

Even if you’re not a pro copywriter, being able to write well is a superpower.

It helps” grease the skids” in all areas of life.

The only problem is…

Writing for business and writing for the classroom are two different things.

Five dollar words might get you an A, but it’s the two dollar words that get your message across.

That’s where Hemingway comes in.

Copy and paste your text into the free app and you’ll get instant feedback on readability:

  • Adverbs

  • Passive voice

  • Run-on sentences

  • And those dreaded $5 words

Aim to write at a Grade 5 reading level or lower.

Give Hemingway a try for free today and see how you score.

P.S: Copy and paste the above section into the app to see how we did ;)

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