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Mentioned in todays email: LinkedIn, Twitter Circles, Meta, X, remote work, and the creator economy. Plus 5 ways to upsell your freelance services & boost profits, and how to manage your money on an irregular income.

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Together with Smart Solopreneur

How to get more freelance clients without social media, content marketing, or paid ads

Content marketing and paid ads arent the only way to get clients.

And one solopreneur is determined to prove it to you.

Twice a week in Smart Solopreneur, Laura Lopuch shares:

  • Cold email tactics

  • Copywriting tricks

  • Plus lots of useful tools and templates

All to help you land more clients without wasting time on social media or spending money on paid ads.

So if youre looking to grow your business with cold emails

Making the Rounds

Working With Clients

5 Ways to Upsell Your Freelance Services & Boost Profit

The easiest sale you can make is to a current client or customer.

And with the right upsell

It only takes a few clients to fill up your schedule and earn a comfortable living.

Check out this article from our friends at Millo to discover 5 ways to upsell your services and boost your profits:

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Working For Yourself

How to Manage Your Money On An Irregular Income

Budgeting is tricky when your paycheck fluctuates every month.

One month, you can be flush with cash and clients

And the next, youre barely scraping by.

Thats why its crucial to anticipate cash flow crunches and develop a system to smooth out the financial bumps in your freelance business.

Self-made millionaire Ramit Sethi breaks it all down here:

Tool of the Week

TextExpander: Save Time With Simple Shortcodes

TextExpander eliminates wasted time on repetitive tasks.

This trusty time-saver lets you set up shortcodes for just about anything you can think of

So you can auto-populate a chunk of text, big or small, in just a few keystrokes.

  • Emails

  • DMs

  • Templates

  • Etc

It may not sound like a game-changer

But once you start using it, youll realize how much time you just got back.

Give it a go at the link below:

Bonus Points

Relationships: 3 steps to set boundaries without getting angry (Twitter / X)

Focus: 8 useful tools for deep work (Instagram)

Copywriting: 21 copywriting lessons for the 21st century (LinkedIn)

Success: Brutally honest advice to my younger poorer self (YouTube)

Outreach: Why sending DMs wont hurt your brand (TikTok)

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