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Mentioned in today’s email: Google, X, Elon Musk, TikTok, and AI. Plus what to do after scoring a big win for your client, and why you shouldn’t forget your freelance ABCs.

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Working With Clients

Scored a Big Win For Your Client? Here’s What to Do Next

Scoring your first big win for a new client is a great feeling.

It also creates the perfect opportunity for you to make a strategic request:

Ask them for a 2-minute video testimonial.

Clients will (almost) never volunteer these on their own…

And you never want to wait too long to ask for one.

So make sure to put in the request while you’re both riding high on the heels of a job well done.

Plus, this way, you can transcribe it to text and have their testimonial in both written and video form.

Pro tip: use a free tool like Famewall to manage your client testimonials.

Making the Rounds

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Working For Yourself

Don’t Forget Your Freelance ABCs

If you’re a freelance service provider…

Learning new things is essential to staying competitive:

  • New client acquisition strategies

  • New ad platforms

  • New skills

  • New tools

  • Etc

But don’t let shiny objects distract you too much…

Make sure to review the basics of your profession at least once per year.

We’re willing to bet you’ll be surprised at just how much you’ve forgotten.

And while the online service industry is dynamic and in constant flux due to rapidly changing technology…

The fundamental principles still apply.

So if it’s been a while since you re-read a key book or went back through a crucial course, carve out some time this month to do that.

AI Prompts For Freelancers

Prompt of the Week: The How-To Guide

This AI prompt is designed to help you create an outline for an actionable how-to guide.

Here is the prompt:

You’re a world class content marketer with an expertise in crafting actionable how-to guides. Give me a detailed outline for a guide on how to [DESCRIBE TOPIC]. Include a main headline, subheads, and key points for each section. Keep the language casual and conversational. Be as specific, clear, and actionable as possible.

Tool of the Week

Unlock the power of AI search with Perplexity

AI is upending the world of search.

Google recently started rolling out AI-generated summaries at the top of its search results to decidedly mixed reactions.

But when it comes to using AI to get answers fast, we’ve got a new secret weapon:


It’s an AI research assistant that integrates the three of the biggest large language models (Claude-3, GPT-4o and LLaMa 3) into a single search engine.

And we’ve found it better than using ChatGPT or old fashioned Googling.

So if you’re looking to embrace the new world of search…

Tap below to try Perplexity out for free:

Bonus Points

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