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Mentioned in today’s email: Black Friday, LinkedIn, Elon Musk, X, Evernote, and Bansko. Plus why every freelancer needs a “win file,” and what happens when you treat your mind like a filing cabinet.

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Making the Rounds

Working With Clients

Why Every Freelancer Needs a “Wins File”

What’s the #1 biggest hurdle to raising your rates?

We’ll give you a hint…

It’s not how many followers you have on social media…

Or how good your sales skills are…

Instead, it’s how much proof you have.

Proof of results is what allows you to raise your rates.

The more extensive your track record is, the more you can charge.

So if you want to 2X, 4X or even 10X what you charge right now…

It’s essential to create a “wins file” to collect as much proof as you can.

Get in the habit of screenshotting client messages…

Asking for testimonials after a big win…

And then sharing those wins with future prospects along with your audience on social media.

(if you have one)

Because there’s no amount of copywriting magic or verbal jiu jitsu that can stand up to a laundry list of client wins.

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Working For Yourself

When You Treat Your Mind Like a Filing Cabinet, This is What Happens

Staying productive can be a battle when you’re working from home.

But instead of looking for some fancy productivity system to keep you on task, here’s an old school solution to try:

Write all your to-dos down on paper.

Because if you’ve 479 mental tabs open at the same time, well, that’s gonna suck up all your juice and make it difficult to get things done.

But when you write everything down, you can free up your mind’s computing power to do more important things — like finding the perfect GIF to get your point across.

Tool of the Week

Harness the newsletter platform built for growth with Beehiiv

Looking to start your own email newsletter?

We strongly recommend Beehiiv.

At this point, it’s basically an entire newsletter business-in-a-box.

With Beehiiv, you can replace:

  • WordPress (or any other content management system)

  • Website hosting (like Siteground or HostGator)

  • Email service provider (like Active Campaign or ConvertKit)

  • Recommendation widget (like SparkLoop)

That’s why they’re trusted by many of the fastest-growing newsletters in the world, including Exec Sum, Miss Excel, Milk Road, and lots more.

As a freelancer, having an email newsletter is a great way to establish authority and set yourself apart from the competition.

So if you’re ready to start building an audience you actually own…

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