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Mentioned in today’s email: Facebook, IG Reels, TikTok, ChatGPT, CapCut, Adobe, Figma, and remote work. Plus a freelancing prediction for 2024, and 7 questions to ask in your annual review.

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Land Your First Client In 5 Steps

Freelance Writers:

  • Tired of getting paid per hour (or worse, per word?)

  • Still relying on inconsistent word-of-mouth referrals?

  • Ready to step off the freelancer hamster wheel?

Then you’re in luck! 

  • Craft an irresistible offer

  • Charge premium prices

  • Land your first $5,000 client

Making the Rounds

Working With Clients

Will the Age of Freelancing Kick Off in 2024?

Flexibility is one of the most attractive aspects of freelancing.

And one future of work author predicts it’s going to reshape the workforce in 2024…

Giving rise to a new class of worker: the ‘flexetariat.’

Click here to check it out:

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Working For Yourself

7 Questions to Ask in Your Annual Review

Forget New Year’s resolutions.

If you want to make 2024 a smashing success…

Conduct an annual review instead.

Extracting all the valuable lessons & takeaways from your efforts over the past year is the best way to make sure you don’t repeat any of the same mistakes next year.

Here are 7 questions to ask yourself:

1) What was my #1 priority this year?
2) What were my secondary priorities this year?
3) Did my actions reflect that? If no, why not?
4) What learning lessons & corrections came from this year?
5) What activities filled me with energy?
6) What activities drained my energy?
7) What wins did I have this year?

Whether you complete this on the computer or with pen & paper…

Keep it somewhere safe so you can review it again at the end of next year.

Tool of the Week

Generate stunning logos in minutes with AI

When it comes to starting a new business…

You should absolutely spend more time validating your offer than designing your logo.

But now thanks to Looka, you can generate hundreds of beautiful logo designs in just a few clicks.

Even if you’re not a designer.

So there’s no excuse not to launch with a logo you love.

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